interiorThe Big White Barn is a community center devoted to providing a diverse approach to physical and mental health.

We are collection of dedicated, independent practitioners and educators who believe in the pursuit of wholeness. From traditional Western medicine to psychotherapy, yoga, massage and nutrition, you’ll find your path to better health at the Barn.

Located in a renovated chicken barn on the South Road in Readfield, Maine, the Barn is the brainchild and passion of two old friends.

As medical students together in the early ‘90s, Dr. Jenn McConnell and Dr. Lisa Clarcq dreamed of one day working together in practice. Job opportunities, family commitments, and financial responsibilities (oh, those college loans) took them in different directions, but they never let go of the idea of creating a healing space of their own.

That desire increased over the years as they both grew weary of the medical “industry.” They were drawn to the profession by the Hippocratic ideal: to remedy suffering and offer comfort on a personal level. But they became increasingly frustrated with the institutional, assembly-line approach to health care.

They wanted a place not just for their own medical practice, but for alternate health care providers, as well. They believe that health of mind and body can be achieved through a variety of approaches, and combining multiple disciplines under one roof could create a collective vibe that would resonate throughout the community.

Jenn and Lisa opened their first office in 2010 on the Church Rd. in Readfield, and began taking on new patients. Within a year, Lisa spotted the old barn on the South Road, and the vision was rekindled.

A full renovation of the old structure has retained its airy, rustic charm while creating warm and intimate spaces in which to visit a practitioner and move closer to healing energy.

Please visit our Practitioners page to find out more about our health care providers, or contact us with questions or comments.