Arlene Wing

Title: Certified Hypnotherapist & Registered Nurse
Phone: (207) 530-1537

Arlene Wing is a Hypnotherapist certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists.  She is also a registered nurse with a Master of Health Services Administration degree.  As an RN she has over 30 years of specialty expertise in pain and other symptom management and weaves this experience into her hypnotherapy practice with impactful results.  Arlene says, “ Helping people to have success in reaching their goals is what this work is all about.  When someone says their pain has vanished, or they have no more anxiety, or they didn’t want another cigarette –  that is a wonderful feeling.”

People often tell Arlene that they are surprised to learn that we all experience the trance state of hypnosis every day.  Upon awakening, and just before falling asleep, our brains are in the same state as when in a hypnosis session.  It is a natural state that allows your conscious mind to become more quiet and your subconscious mind to be more open to suggestions.  Prior to each session, Arlene develops a plan with you that is customized to your particular situation.  You choose what will happen and are always in control.

Areas that can be addressed using hypnotherapy include but are not limited to:  weight loss, smoking cessation, pain, anxiety, insomnia, fears/phobias, sports performance, performance anxiety and much more.  Arlene will be training under renowned psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss in May of 2018, to become certified in past life regression hypnosis as well. 

Individual and group sessions are available.  Call now to schedule a session at 207-530-1537 or email

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