Dr. Elcha S. Buckman

Title: Advanced Practice Nurse Psychotherapist & Family Business Consultant
Phone: (781)799-2100
Email: dr.elcha@yahoo.com

Thank you for your interest in me and my work. I have over 50 continuous years of passion for my eclectic, humanistic-based psychotherapy work and great compassion for my clients, with 40 of those years in a successful, continuous private practice. I have been most fortunate in being able to partner with over 5000 clients in achieving their goals for a happier, healthier, secure, and more peaceful life. All my degrees are from Boston University in general nursing (BS-RN) with specialization and Board Certification (ANCC) in child, adolescent, and family psychiatric-mental health nursing (MSN) and humanistic, development, and organizational psychology (EdD). My post-doctoral two-year fellowship was at the Boston institute for Psychotherapies.  My licensed medical background as an advanced practice registered nurse enables me to differentiate emotional from physical symptoms and pain, and to treat and refer appropriately.

I work through my belief in openness, authenticity, and collaboration with my clients and their other health care providers. Listening to my clients is most important to me as it leads to therapy based on mutual trust, open communication and safety, the very foundation of their feeling heard and understood, and my understanding. When I say to a client “I understand,” I want them to know and feel that I honestly do.

Life is full of ups and downs. It’s during these times that we may need support when it seems that our experiences are limiting us and our life choices. Many times it’s our stories and thoughts that stand in our way of developing our strengths and potential, and having a more comfortable life. Therapy allows clients the opportunity to discover their self-limiting, existing patterns, feelings and beliefs in order to cultivate and awaken unconditional confidence, allowing for a stronger and gentler sense of self and the ability to make fulfilling relationships and better choices. I would love to meet with you, as well as members of your family or friends, in a space that is comfortable, safe, and supportive to help you develop better insights and choices, and a happier, calmer life.

On a different note, having had advanced education and training with 20 years of experience, my other passion, and what I consider my “artwork,” is providing women and men with facial rejuvenation using Botox and Juvederm.  Additionally, I have fun with my other professional and personal endeavors of researching, consulting, and speaking internationally on humor, happiness, and family-owned business.

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