Kate Jewett

Title: Yoga Instructor, Occupational Therapist, Massage Therapist Phone: (207) 777-9463 Email: katjewett@gmail.com Website: BigWhiteBarnYoga.com
Kate is the founder and owner of ómOT, LLC, Integrative Occupational Therapy. In this realm, she blends her well-rounded understanding of anatomy and physiology, disease and injuries, as well as the powerful mind-body connection in order to apply a comprehensive approach to wellness. Kate has been introduced to many styles of yoga spanning her nineteen years in practice: from California, to Hawaii, and back home in Maine. She began practicing yoga in 1999, immediately falling in love with the practice of movement, breath, and alignment. Kate became a Registered Yoga Teacher in 2013, blending her love of yoga, massage, and occupational therapies. Kate offers yoga classes for all levels.

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