Stephanie Knowlton

Title: Herbalist & Energy Work Phone: (207) 649-5926 Email:
Stephanie is passionate about plant health and healing and she is committed to sharing her knowledge with the community. After 4 years of study , She holds Advanced Herbalist certification thru the Herbal Academy in Bedford, Massachusetts. Her philosophy is strongly aligned with the body’s innate ability to heal itself given the right internal and external environment. “We are part of the Earth’s ecosystem and as such there are plants in our ecosystem perfectly suited to us to promote wellness through their physical and energetic properties.” Herbalism is able to address any body system, the psyche and spirit. “Healing and living in wellness is a skill set we can all possess”. Stephanie has also created a home-based organic line of skin care products “Oak Street Gardens & Organics” and has been selling products to the community for more than 25 years. She has been exploring Jin Shin Jytsu for several years, after visiting a practitioner herself. The aim of this gentle form of acupressure is to harmonize the flow of energy thru the body’s energy meridians to restore optimal vitality. This disarmingly simple, non invasive laying on of hands is deeply rooted in ancient Japanese healing traditions. Stephanie received certification to practice thru the Jin Shin Jytsu Institute. She believes both herbalism and energy medicine are a life long journey toward self-awareness. A way of Being that exists in everyone to know and help ourselves. Stephanie has been offering home based services in Herbalism and Jin Shin Jytsu this past year. She is thrilled to be joining the team of providers at the Big White Barn this October. Stephanie earned a Biology degree at the University of Maine Orono in 1982. She holds a Nursing degree from the University of Southern Maine, 1985, and a Masters in Pediatric Nursing at Boston College in 1987. The past 25 years, has been spent in Express Care and in Emergency services at Maine General Medical Center Waterville. She has taught in the Nursing Program at the University of Maine both in the Associates & Baccalaureate program. She is also certified as a pediatric nurse practitioner.

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